How to Use Jamboard for Engaging Visual Learning
Maria Arfanakis (Galanis)

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Maria, is an educator living in Chicago and working in the north suburb of Deerfield. Her journey in EdTech began in 2001 as a middle school Tech Coordinator, which evolved into Tech Coach, and then iCoach. Currently, she is the K-8 Innovation Curriculum Specialist in her school district helping introduce, integrate, and support innovative learning practices. She received an M.Ed in Curriculum & Technology because she loves what tech can bring to learning, connecting people, and the world. When she thinks of her ideal focus in education, she wants it to FOSTER, ELEVATE, & INSPIRE CURIOSITY & WONDER. At the same time ENJOY it all. She focuses on the positive & believe that everyone has the ability in them to be great in their own way.

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