Powerful Visual Learning Through Sketching for Students and Teachers
Jen Giffen

About Jen

Website: Virtualgiff.com

Podcast: Shukes and Giff the Podcast

Twitter: @VirtualGiff

Instagram: @VirtualGiff

TikTok: @VirtualGiff

Jen is a Teacher Librarian & EdTech Consultant. She has a M. Ed from the University of Toronto and a specialist in Education Technology. Google Innovator, sketchnoter, host of #ShukesAndGiff the podcast, student voice ambassador, mom of three boys and dad joke aficionado. Former player of the game of school, she now seeks to ensure learning is authentic and relevant, especially for struggling students. She wants you to know that while at first, the hokey pokey is hard, eventually you turn yourself around. #Ginger #Canadian #HashtagLover. She can be found @VirtualGiff – everywhere.

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