Building Habits to Be the Most
Efficient, Effective You
James Clear

About James

Twitter: @JamesClear



Book: Atomic Habits

James is an American author, entrepreneur, and photographer. He believes the best way to change the world is in concentric circles: start with yourself and work your way out from there. If you get yourself sorted out, then that is one less person for the world to worry about. You'll be in a position to contribute rather than consume. You will add order rather than disorder.

James writes about the art and science of how to live better. Science because he is concerned with the root causes of our behavior and the data behind high performance. Art because he wants to figure out how to apply these ideas and put them into daily practice.

James shares information on how to master your habits and live a better life through his weekly newsletter.  He doesn't claim to have all the answers and he says he still has a lot to learn, but he is happy to share what he has learned along the way.


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