Empowering Student Creativity with Digital Media Creation with Claudio Zavala Jr and Jake Sandakly

Empowering Student Creativity with Digital Media Creation
Claudio Zavala Jr and Jake Sandakly

About Claudio Zavala Jr.

Claudio is an edtech and creative media consultant based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He is passionate about fostering creativity in the classroom and using digital tools to engage learners. In addition, he enjoys helping individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners build their design and build their brands. Claudio is an avid photographer and videographer. Recently, Claudio has seen his YouTube channel grow in viewership, something he is having a ton of fun doing. He is also a professional musician, a master woodworker and a graphic designer.

Twitter: @ClaudioZavalaJr
Facebook: facebook.com/claudiozavalajr
YouTube: youtube.com/iamclaudius

Instagram:  instagram.com/claudiozavalajr

About Jake Sandalky

Jake was finishing his thesis on Technology for Music Education at NYU when COVID hit. Since March, he has helped teachers take deep breaths and find creative low-cost solutions in their remote and blended arts classrooms. With some modern audio and video technology and some influence from pop culture, we can create art in simple yet revolutionary ways with our students.
Jake is also an avid music producer, music and theatre teaching artist, audio and video editor, and computer programmer.

Twitter: @jakesandakly
Facebook: facebook.com/ajsandakly
Instagram: @jakerssand

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