Go from Burned Out Teacher to Burned In Teacher
Amber Harper

About Amber

Website: www.burnedinteacher.com

Podcast:  Burned-In Teacher Podcast

Twitter: @burnedinteacher

Facebook: Burned-In Teacher Facebook Community

Amber Harper is a Google Certified Educator, Trainer, and Innovator. She is also the founder of www.burnedinteacher.com and creator of Burned-In EdTech Consulting and Teacher Coaching where she has joined her two loves in her career: edtech and innovation in the classroom and her obsession with helping educators who are struggling to find their own passions within the education profession.

As a former public elementary school teacher, she promotes the use of technology as a tool for transformation and efficiency in the classroom and is obsessed with helping teachers take themselves from burned-out to BURNED-IN! She specializes in technology integration in the classroom and in coaching educators who are struggling with teacher burnout to decide what their next best step is on their education journey.

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