Using Improv and Theater Techniques to Unlock Creativity with Natasha Jain and Batsheva Frankel

Using Improv and Theater Techniques to Unlock Creativity
Natasha Jain and Batsheva Frankel

About Natasha

Natasha is a British-born actor in Hong Kong. She has been involved in a variety of independent and well-known theatre productions such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the world premiere of The Butcher by Andrew Biss. Natasha directed her first stage performance in September 2019. She is also a voice-over artist and a radio presenter and works as a freelance drama instructor. She recently launched her own business working with people/companies to help them unwind and de-stress using theatre techniques. 

Instagram: @jaineyjain 



About Batsheva

Batsheva Frankel, MAT, is the producer and host of the podcast Overthrowing Education, and a veteran educator of over 25 years. As an educational consultant, she has given workshops for universities, conferences, schools and other organizations across the US and the UK, and is now giving online courses, workshops, coaching and consulting to educators everywhere through her company New Lens Ed. In 2017, Behrman House published her book, The Jewish Educator’s Companion.

Twitter: @overthrowinged
Instagram: @OverthrowingEducation



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