Digital Summit Sessions from 2016

Last year's Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit was a hit! The nine video presentations racked up tens of thousands of views in just a few weeks. Thousands of educators from around the world participated!

Below are the 2016 video presentations -- all of which just as relevant and important as they were then. After you're finished, generate a PDF certificate of completion you can submit for professional development credit!

There's more coming in December!

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Changing Lives Worldwide with Mike Soskil

Mike Soskil's students made a huge difference -- certainly saving lives in the process -- through activities and projects in his class. Learn how your classes can make a difference globally too.

Twitter: @msoskil
Mike’s website:
Five Clue Challenge:
Mike’s blog:
Skype in the Classroom:
Mystery Skype:
Mike's Mystery Skype resource page:

Supercharging Your Class Using Google with Kasey Bell

G Suite (formerly Google Apps) and other Google tools can make amazing teaching and learning possible. Learn ideas, tips and tricks from Kasey Bell, one of the masters!

Twitter: @ShakeUpLearning
Shake Up Learning website:
Kasey’s resource page for this presentation:
Cheat sheets for Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets, Drawings, iOS and Chrome:
Kasey’s ebook: The Teacher’s Guide to Google Classroom
Kasey’s ecourse: Become a Google Certified Trainer

Ditch That Homework with Alice Keeler

Homework is a contentious topic among teachers, students, parents ... everyone! What can we do in our classrooms to eliminate our reliance on homework and end superficial homework assignments? Alice Keeler shares some strategies.

Twitter: @alicekeeler
Alice’s book, “50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom”:
Alice’s book, “50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach”:

"Ditch That Homework":

Updates on Ditch That Homework, Matt and Alice’s upcoming book:

Teach with Passion: Like a PIRATE! with Dave Burgess

Don't let your classroom be a "bastion of boredom and banality" ... teach like a PIRATE! Hook students into your lessons and create memorable learning experiences.

Twitter: @burgessdave
Books/consulting website:

HyperDocs with Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton and Sarah Landis

Lisa Highfill, Sarah Landis and Kelly Hilton join us to discuss Hyperdocs -- what they are, how they can be created and how to make them the best for your students!

Twitter: @lhighfill
Twitter: @kellyihilton
Twitter: @sarahlandis
Book: “The Hyperdocs Handbook”

Launching Student Creativity/Design Thinking with John Spencer

Design thinking empowers students to use their creativity to make something and share it with the world. And it can be done in connection with your content standards and curriculum! John Spencer shares the LAUNCH framework for design thinking.

Twitter: @spencerideas
John’s website: (includes FREE design thinking toolkit)
Check out John’s design thinking online course:

Reaching the World from the Classroom w/Skype Master Teachers

Skype gives us unbelievable classroom superpowers -- connecting to like-minded classes worldwide, going on virtual field trips and talking with amazing guest speakers. Learn how to make it happen with three Skype Master Teachers: Jed Dearybury, Gina Ruffcorn and Dyane Smokorowski.

Jed Dearybury’s Twitter:
Jed’s website:
Dyane Smokorowski’s Twitter:
A Facebook group with ideas for K-12 teachers:
Gina Ruffcorn’s Twitter:
Gina’s class Twitter account:
Skype Education website:

Student-Led Classrooms with Paul Solarz

Students truly take ownership of Paul Solarz's class. They make lots of decisions every day that don't rely on him. Learn how you can empower your students to take control of the classroom and their learning.

Book: Learn Like a PIRATE:

Don't Get Ready, Get Started with Noah Geisel

We miss out on great opportunity when we overplan and don't execute. Noah Geisel tells us how we can seize the moment and create memorable learning for our students by taking action.

Stackup (a company Noah’s working with) … Get credit for what you read online:


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